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Xhan Tarn

This enormous expanse of beach is called Xhan Tarn. The beach here spans many thousands of miles from the west to the east. The Osperian Forest is found just to the north. It's typically a safe place for travelers, as long as they stay out of the water in certain areas. There are large man-eating plants that lurk just under the water's surface in certain stretches of the beach. Xhan Tarn is home to Captain Tillen's Harbor City.

Notable Locations

Harbor City
Tillen's Harbor City is a neutral haven for ships, travelers, and sailors. It is a popular tourist destination with a long boardwalk lined with shops, taverns, and bars. Captain Tillen, the city's ruler, is a social man who enjoys a good fight, but only in his arena, where combatants do not revive.

The Great Expanse
This is the longest beach in the world, spanning over 7,000 miles. It is home to shipwrecks, boneyards, and secrets. It is unknown if anyone has ever made the long trek from one end to the other.