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Darkmire Swamp

The Darkmire Swamp is one of the darkest and most foreboding areas of planet Solaris and not only that, it's enormous! It spans across most of the northern hemisphere of the planet and eventually leads into Hinterfall Jungle. It is full of swamps, marshes, and bogs, and strange odors typical of such places. It is home to many mysterious creatures of various shapes and sizes. Despite the oddities and gloomy atmosphere, many travelers come to the region seeking adventure and glory. Some believe there may be a lost city somewhere deep in the swamps, though it has never been located.

Notable Locations

Roshema Village
The once dark and morbid village of Roshema was utterly destroyed by the Black Empire. The area is now a land of dark magic, with only Toulon Tower, The Black Market, and The Blank Library left standing. One might still find artifacts of great dark power here if they were to search for them.

The Shadow Glades
The mysterious glade is a dark and dangerous place filled with mystical creatures. It is located at the edge of Roshema Village and can be reached by following a trail from the southside. Travelers are warned to stay away by an aged wooden sign. The creatures here may be dangerous to very weak travelers.