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Kazarial Desert

This is the largest desert on all of planet Solaris. The desert spans approximately 1/4th of the entire surface of planet Solaris. Many travelers and explorers have fallen to the dangers here. It is home to some of the most mysterious things in the world. Help us unlock the secrets of the Kazarial Desert through exploration and adventure!

Notable Locations

Mysterious Crater
A large crater in the Kazarial Desert. It was created by an explosion of superheated energy, and its walls are melted sand which has become solid glass. The crater hums at an incredibly high frequency. sandworms are attracted to the crater, perhaps because of the humming, and weaker warriors are often chased away by the large creatures.

The Desert
The heart of the Kazarial Desert, and perhaps one of the most barren regions in all of planet Solaris since the Blasted Lands were recovered by the Grovekin and turned into the Wildlands. This desert is vast and spans for thousands of miles in every direction. It is said a legendary creature lives here.