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Dormuzahn Isles

This region is home to many different forms of aquatic animals and other tropical creatures and sea life. It is home to Krauser Killener's Laboratory. The lab is probably the most notable location in the region, though there are undoubtedly more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Beware of the sentient plants, giant insects, and fungal growths scattered throughout this area, as they are quite dangerous.

Notable Locations

Andorum is a large, neutral research facility located in the Dormuzahn Isles. It was originally built by the First Civilization and abandoned after their disappearance. Krauser Killener rediscovered it and turned it into his own research facility. He has filled it with technology from all eras of Solarian history and uses it to conduct experiments and research. Andorum is a mysterious and dangerous place, but it is also a place of great potential. Krauser is using his knowledge and resources to try to understand the Nomaverse and its secrets.

The Isles
South of Andorum, a chain of islands stretches for many miles, their verdant shores lapped by the gentle waves of the Endless Sea. On the furthest isle, a haunting silence hangs over a once-thriving Beastkin village. This was the home of General Dorn and his loyal followers, who were driven from their homeland by the relentless pursuit of Queen Yasmine's forces. The fate of Dorn and his people remains shrouded in mystery, with some whispering tales of a transformation into the enigmatic podlings.