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The World's Edge

The World's Edge consists solely of the entire southern continent of planet Solaris. It is an enormous continent at that. If it were cut from the globe and placed over the Osperian Forest, it would cover it entirely. This area is home to some incredibly large frostworms, which are massive subterranean worm-like creatures who tunnel through the ice in search of something to eat. There are a few animals who have evolved to live in the tundra, but other than that there isn't a lot to see in the region, though it is home to the mystical Vale of Vishera and the Ardanians.

Notable Locations

The Frozen Expanse
The Frozen Expanse is a vast, desolate region home to massive frostworms, frozen sinkholes, thin ice, and bitter cold. A campfire can keep frostworms at bay, but it is one of the most dangerous places on planet Solaris.

Vishera's Vale
Vishera's Vale is a hidden location in the Frozen Expanse named after Queen Vishera, the consort of Lord Kelthuron. It is a place where some of the dragonkin of the Thunderwing Brood rebuilt their race after traveling back in time.