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The moon of planet Solaris, is accessible through a portal in Elyndaar City. The largest region, the Crimson Wilds, was the first to be explored by a group of Elyndrians. It is often considered as a starting zone for travelers who wish to explore Lunaris. There are many mysterious creatures in the Crimson Wilds, and many of them seek to eat explorers. The plant life in this region, as with most plant life on Lunaris, is blood red... not green like what you might expect. The plants here are just as deadly as the creatures, many of them will poison, maim, or eat unsuspecting travelers who step near the wrong plant.

Notable Locations

Explorer's Landing
The Explorer's Landing base camp is a home for explorers from Solaris. It is located in the Crimson Wilds, a dense red forest, and is equipped with supply shops and gear shops. It is continually developed by Krauser's army of self-replicating mechanoids.

Crimson Wilds
The Crimson Wilds is a dense red jungle that dominates the center of Lunaris. Its plants are not natural fauna, but rather part of a massive underground parasite known as Nezal. Although the Elyndrians defeated the Heart of Nezal some time ago, the forest still thrives, and many believe that Nezal itself is still alive. The Crimson Wilds is a dangerous place, full of hostile creatures. The trees are tall and red, their leaves ablaze with color.