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The Afterplane

The Afterplane is the land of the dead. One of the largest portions of the Afterplane is a gloomy forest region known as the Twilight Forest. The ghostly village of Evermore also resides here. The ghostly inhabitants of Evermore are not aggressive toward the living, but the demons will try to possess their physical bodies and then escape back to the living realm. The Infernal Chasm, home of the demons, is accessed via a dimensional rift to the north of Evermore Village.

Notable Locations

Evermore Village
The village of Evermore is located in the Twilight Forest. It is invisible to the living, but becomes visible the longer one stays in the Afterplane. The tavern is the social hub for the ghosts, who are mostly friendly but like to play pranks on the living. The village has everything one would find in a village of the living world, and its ghosts have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Infernal Chasm
The Infernal Chasm is a pocket dimension of the Afterplane where demons are born. Demons escape the Afterplane to wreak havoc on the world of the living. They consume spirit energy to gain power. They then tear through reality to enter the physical plane. When they die in the physical plane, they return to the Infernal Chasm. There is currently no known method of completely killing a demon and this cycle seems endless.

Twilight Forest
The Twilight Forest is a major crossroads for the rest of the Afterplane. It is home to a mix of lesser and higher spirits, including a thriving community of ghosts in the village of Evermore. To the north is the Infernal Chasm, an area inhabited by demons, and to the south is the Celestial Vortex, a towering vortex that transports spirits to the Great Beyond. Other key locations are surrounding the Twilight Forest but have yet to be explored.