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Planet Gorgonia

Gorgonia, home of the Gorgons, is accessible through a portal in Elyndaar City. Planet Gorgonia is a massive world with diverse creatures and areas. Gorgonia is a distant and dangerous planet of the solar system. The portal from Solaris opens into a base camp built by mechanoids from Elyndaar City known as Pathfinder Point. Very little of this new world has been discovered. It is said there is an enormous city, Korgrath, located far from Pathfinder Point. The Gorgons there are not friendly to outsiders.

Notable Locations

Pathfinder Point
Pathfinder Point is a base of operations for the Elyndrians and the Pathfinders, but it badly damaged by the Dark Avatar. The encampment is now being rebuilt by an army of mechanoids under the supervision of Darkclaw. It is well fortified and equipped with a portal chamber to transport travelers to and from Elyndaar City and Explorer's Landing on Lunaris.

The Path of Giants
The Path of Giants is a grassy region south of Pathfinder Point. It is home to enormous four-legged behemoths that are harmless if left alone, but dangerous if provoked. The Path of Giants spans hundreds of miles and eventually leads to a dense jungle full of aggressive plantlife.