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The Void Realm

A mysterious realm believed to be the home of Shadow Magic. The Void Realm is a place of eternal darkness, lit only by a glowing "flow" of energy which the inhabitants of the Void Realm use to travel between floating islands. There are many floating islands here. Nobody knows how or why these islands float. One thing is for sure, you don't want to fall from the edge of one as falling into the abyss below would be certain death.

Notable Locations

Baskar Isle
Baskar Isle is larger than Lodoros and is home to the friendly and helpful Baskarians. They were attacked by the Dark Avatar and his army, but are now rebuilding their community. While remaining a bit guarded, they still welcome outsiders with open arms.

Lodoros Isle
Lodoros Isle is a mysterious floating island in the Void Realm. It is home to the Voidwalkers, a friendly group of misfits. The Void Realm is a dark and cold place, except for the floating islands.

Primordia is the seat of creation in the Nomaverse. Noma used this place to create everything. The various galaxies and layers of the Nomaverse can be seen from here. While Noma has moved on, Primordia is now the prison of Bahumura. Valmir disabled the Builder Gateway, trapping Bahumura until the end of time in the God's Altar.