The Wildlands

Fifty years ago the Wildlands region was the most desolate and lifeless in all of Solaris. Back then it was known as the Blasted Region. The Vegonians of the Black Empire used massive machines to suck the life from the land. After the great war that pitted the Black Empire against every other faction on planet Solaris, the Vegonians fell from power and the Grovekins took over the land. The region is now lush with life, probably even more so than most other regions. The Grovekins completey restored the land. In doing so, lush plantlife overtook Vegonaar City completely. This is an extremely dangerous place!

Notable Travelers

Kora Nightblade
Kora Nightblade, an Elyndrian assassin, is one of Krauser Killener's best kept secrets. She's quiet, often works alone, and has a high kill count against Black Empire scum. She's often seen at the Hidden Encampment in the Wildlands.

Rusty the Mechanoid
Rusty is a friendly caretaker of the Pathfinder Encampment in the Wildlands, upgraded with a humanoid form by Krauser Killener. He is powered by Ciedium Ore and offers support to Elyndrians with gear, protection, food, and other supplies. Rusty is known for his last-second saves, swooping in with supplies or defending his friends in his Juggernaut suit. He will stop at nothing to help.

Notable Locations

Pathfinder Encampment
The hidden Pathfinder Encampment is what remains of an old Elyndrian stronghold left over from the war against the Black Empire. It is cloaked and maintained by mechanoids, and has a portal generator that can send Elyndrians to other locations in the Elyndrian Portal Network.

Cradle of Life
A crater bursting with life has replaced Dakon's Builder Vessel. The creatures here have adapted to the darkness and are hostile. Queen Yasmine stationed her most powerful guardian, Vardtrad, to protect the entryway into The Breach but Vardtrad was recently defeated by the Elyndrians.

The Wilds
The Wilds are a vast expanse of dense forest, stretching for thousands of miles like an emerald sea. Winding trails, like ephemeral rivers, meander through this labyrinthine domain, their paths shifting and changing with the caprice of nature. These trails, more akin to illusions than tangible paths, have earned the Wilds a reputation as an impenetrable maze, trapping many unwary travelers within its verdant embrace.

Notable Creatures

The Podlings are a newly mutated species of Grovekin, born from the mutated remains of other species infected and killed by the Sporelings and the Plaguebloom. Unlike the mindless Sporelings, these creatures have some of the personality, intelligence, and memories of the person they were mutated from. The Podlings are innocent creatures and will not attack. After a period of time, the Podlings slowly lose memories of their past life and become one with the collective hivemind of the Awakened and Queen Yasmine. The purpose of these creatures is currently unknown.

The Sporelings are a newly mutated species of Grovekin, born of the spores spread about by the Plaguebloom flowers unleashed upon planet Solaris by Queen Yasmine of the Awakened. Unlike the Podlings, these creatures have no personality, no real intelligence, but behave more like mindless drones. They attack anything non-Grovekin and spread their infectious Plaguebloom disease throughout the land to further Queen Yasmine's goals, whatever they may be.

The energy-feeding insects are a strange and fascinating creature. They were once native to the Blasted Region, a harsh and unforgiving land that is ravaged by Ciedium energy. The insects have adapted to this harsh environment by changing their diet. Instead of feeding on plants or animals, they feed on Ciedium energy. After the Blasted Region was reclaimed by the Awakened, the energy-feeding insects began to thrive in the Wildlands. The Awakened were initially concerned about the insects, but they soon realized that they were not a threat. In fact, the insects were actually beneficial to the Awakened. They helped to clean up Ciedium pollution, and they also provided a source of food.

The Plaguebloom are towering, malevolent plants that stand over 50 meters tall. They are a twisted and corrupted form of nature, created by the dark magic of Queen Yasmine of the Awakened faction. Plaguebloom are weak against fire and salt water, but are incredibly resilient and difficult to destroy. Once a Plaguebloom takes root, it begins to rapidly grow and bloom. Its flowers release a cloud of spores that are highly infectious and deadly.