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The World Below

Hidden beneath Solaris lies The World Below, a self-contained layer with a breathable atmosphere, oceans, and a sky lit by glowing ciedium. Discovered by the Elyndrians, this vast realm harbors proto-Grovekin, untouched by the Builders' work on Solaris' Seventh Layer. The World Below's potential holds the power to reshape Solaris' destiny.

Notable Locations

Underworld Point
The Elyndrian base camp on the beach in the World Below is a marvel of engineering and magic. The camp consists of a variety of structures, all made from void storage cubes. The heart of the base camp is a large communal area. This area is used for cooking, dining, and socializing. This camp is maintained and protected by mechanoids, and has a portal generator that can send Elyndrians to other locations in the Elyndrian Portal Network.

The Emerald Expanse
Beneath the world's surface, in a realm untouched by sunlight, lies the Emerald Expanse. A vast, otherworldly ocean, its waters glow with an ethereal emerald luminescence. This mesmerizing hue arises from the abundance of microscopic organisms that have adapted to thrive without direct sunlight. Strange and wondrous creatures dart and glide through the water, their bodies reflecting the emerald light in a captivating spectacle of bioluminescence.

In the World Below, where bioluminescent fungi cast an ethereal glow, whispers Eldrenhollow, an ancient city carved by fungus-folk called Protokin. Their lives pulse with echoes of forgotten technology, guided by the enigmatic First One within. Fearful of the surface-dwellers, these luminous beings tend their mycelial metropolis, a forgotten song woven into the cavern's heart, echoing long after the last spore falls.