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Zetha Prime

Veiled in a nebula's embrace, Zetha Prime, homeworld of the enigmatic Zethan shapeshifters, emerges from the cosmic canvas. Recently awakened Builder Gateways, shimmering rifts in reality, transport denizens of Solaris across the cosmos, where bioluminescent flora dances with the advanced technology of towering metal and glowing energy. Intrigue ripples through bustling marketplaces and serene meadows, where Zethans, their forms as fluid as the ever-shifting landscape, share secrets of a world poised on the precipice of discovery.

Notable Locations

A Zethan metropolis shimmering like captured starlight, carves its silhouette against the twilight of Zetha Prime. Skyscrapers sculpted in harmony with nature pierce the verdant sky, their obsidian surfaces etched with energy veins pulsing like captured constellations. Zethans, their forms as fluid as the city's pulse, glide through bustling markets humming with advanced engines fueled by harnessed starlight. Sleek, needle-like starcrafts slip through the atmosphere, hints of the Zethans' mastery over light and space. Gearrr, a breathtaking tapestry of technology and nature, is a symbol of the Zethans' boundless potential.