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This section covers the story of Solaris from the perspective of the players. The current storyline is at the top while older storylines are at the bottom. This guide goes back to the beginning of the game, 1996. The website was hosted by a company called Homestead during that time. We used ICQ messenger to chat. The site has come a long way. This section covers almost every step along the way.

Revenge of the Grovekin (2022)

The Dark Avatar successfully made his way through the Timeless Vault on planet Gorgonia to the Void Realm and then to Primordia. After making his way to the seat of creation through various Builder Gateways he found himself in a place known as Primordia.

To traverse the Immortal Stairwell to reach the altar, Bahumura had to release his grip on Valmir. Desparate to reach the Altar, Bahumura left Valmir's stolen body. The Dark Avatar was no more.

After arriving at the altar of Noma, Bahumura discovered from Lucia that eons ago, Noma had become one with the Nomaverse. While the two were once brothers, Lucia informed Bahumura that Noma was far more powerful than he could ever imagine.

Bahumura attempted to leave the God's Altar, only to realize his passage back had been closed by Valmir, who he had mistakenly left to his own devices on the Immortal Stairwell. Locking the Builder Gateway behind him, Valmir effectively trapped Bahumura in the God's Altar. In a fit of rage, Bahumura found himself outsmarted by a Builder!

Not long after, Valmir returned to Elyndaar City with the good news. Before anyone could celebrate, an explosion took place in the Sunfire Tavern. This explosion was caused by Giran Cloudstrider having been infected with something from his trip through the Wildlands.

As Giran died, a mysterious and invasive plant exploded from his body and spread around the city, killing anyone in its path. Giran's untimely death marked the beginning of Queen Yasmine's assault on all of planet Solaris.

The Dark Avatar (2021)

As it turned out, the reason Grey and Bahumura had gone missing was that they had discovered the dormant body of a Builder. The Builders are an ancient race responsible for creating planet Solaris and its neighboring worlds.

Bahumura possessed the body of Dakon, the leader of the Builders. At the last minute, this newly empowered version of Bahumura stole Dakon's Builder Vessel, a massive egg-shaped spaceship, and traveled into space.

The Vessel crash-landed on the nearby planet of Gorgonia. Bahumura was forced out of Dakon's body by the Beast God Sunder and Valmir, but Valmir became possessed by Bahumura soon after.

A great battle ensued and the Elyndrians, along with Dakon, escaped back to Elyndaar City on planet Solaris through a portal, leaving Bahumura's Dark Avatar stranded on Gorgonia, for now. Once back on Solaris, Dakon fell dormant and inactive for some reason.

Fall of the Empire (2020)

Not long after the events of the Hinterlands Grey Fenrir and Bahumura went missing. This meant the head of the entire Empire was missing! It was the perfect time for an attack.

The armies of the world united and took down the Black Empire once and for all. The forces of both sides clashed in one epic conclusion right in the middle of the Blasted Region. In the chaos, General Raynar and the Old Guard switched sides and faced off against the Black Empire as well.

The Vegonians were nearly wiped from the face of the world, and the handful who survived escaped into the shadows. After the battle, Queen Yasmine and her Grovekin claimed the fallen lands and restored them far beyond what anyone ever could have imagined.

Unfortunately, Yasmine took a hard stance against outsiders even those who were previously her allies. The Blasted Region is now known as the Wildlands, and many consider it to be more hostile than it ever was before.

Fall of the Grovekin (2018)

For an unknown reason, Grey Fenrir sent the Black Empire to the northern Hinterlands. Led by General Raynar, Old Guard assaulted the Mothertree known as Ylelthaeus.

At the direction of Grey Fenrir, the Old Guard salted the land and burned down the Mothertree before the Elyndrians could help, even though some of them still tried. This caused a massive rift between the Grovekin and the Elyndrians and was a major success for the Black Empire.

General Raynar claimed the Hinterlands for his people and they built the city known as Korbgrad. The Hinterfolk lost their homeland and the Grovekin fled to the south under the leadership of Princess Yasmine, now Queen of the Grovekin.

The World Ender (2017)

The Elyndrians traveled to planet Lunaris to prevent the Black Empire from taking an immensely powerful artifact. In the process, the Elyndrians discovered that an ancient planet-eating parasite known as Nezal had been trapped there. Not only had Nezal been stuck on Lunaris, but it was also consuming the power of a long-lost Beast God, Sunder.

Two groups of Elyndrians came together to stop the Black Empire and free Sunder. The first group took down an army of Ardanians outside of Gavdrek Temple. The second group traveled deep into the Crimson Wilds, diving deep into the belly of Nezal to free Sunder. Both groups were successful! Sunder helped stop Nezal, at least for the time being. An Ardanian warrior by the name of Arngrim joined the Elyndrians after the battle.

Wrath of the Bitch Queen (2015)

After the Elyndrians rebuilt their society in Elyndaar City, Queen Vishera of the Dragonkin became corrupted by Grey Fenrir. Vishera released a deadly superstorm across the entire planet, from the World's Edge at the southern pole of the world.

The Elyndrians traveled to the World's Edge and faced off against Vishera and her minions. They defeated her Guardian, Jorgrun, and ventured into her lair where they quickly discovered just how powerful Vishera had become.

Just as things were looking grim, Kelthuron and Lothuron showed up and helped defeat Queen Vishera. Instead of killing Vishera, Kelthuron, and Lothuron took her back with them to try and straighten her out again.

The Black Empire (2014)

The Crimson Skies passed, leaving planet Solaris changed forever. The shards stopped falling from the skies and the havoc brought about by them had finally begun to subside. Things were different, though. The citizens of Solaris had to learn new ways of using the abilities they had once taken for granted.

For a time the land had been quiet and somewhat peaceful, but a change was fast approaching. Elyndrel Village was the sanctuary for all the various citizens, and the atmosphere of Roshema Village was as temperamental as ever. Every day discoveries were made, new areas found, and more new travelers from other dimensions arrived at random.

Planet Solaris was itself again and things were good, for a time. The citizens of Elyndrel and Roshema were unaware that a war was brewing on the far side of the world.

In the western regions of planet Solaris, there was a city of the most brutal and sadistic people, the Vegonians. The Vegonians were getting ready to take the world by storm and anyone in their path would fall.

The Black Empire attacked Elyndrel Village and in the process it was destroyed. The Elyndrians utilized the Arena as a vessel to move themselves further south. Secretly, Krauser Killener had been building a new city with an army of mechanoids. The Arena landed in this new city, much to the surprise of everyone else. This became the new home of the Elyndrians, Elyndaar City.

Crimson Skies (2012)

The mighty Pandemonium Fortress was destroyed in a gigantic explosion. The side effects of this explosion changed all of planet Solaris over the following months. Chaos shards and fragments from the destroyed fortress were launched into the atmosphere. These fragments rained down across the face of the world for several weeks.

Unlike typical chaos energy, however, these shards were corrupted with the evil energy of Bahumura and when animals and other lifeforms of Solaris touched the shards they became mutated and hell-bent on killing anything in their path.

All the citizens of Solaris lost some of their ability to control the magical forces of Solaris. The ability to fly using energy was lost, as well as the ability to teleport from one location to another.

Finally, the corruption altered the way the inhabitants wielded their chosen energies. This was considered the worst by many force users as wielding the energies and elements of Solaris was key to their survival.

This problem was remedied by the use of special relics, however. Many users enhanced their force-wielding abilities with the use of these special items and the Adept class was born from this new situation.

The Ancients (2011)

After the previous storyline, an all-new setting allowed much more freedom to the players. The world was a clean slate at this point and it was ready to become something new. Only the key figureheads remained the same as everything else was an open book.

It was up to the players to decide what happened next. The next few storylines came about from the ideas of the players. Many new cities, villages, world areas, and other additions were added by the current players of the time. In a roundabout way, the characters who went back in time during The Undoing became the Ancients they had once told tales of, unknowingly, in the future world.

The Undoing (2009)

The Elyndrians escaped their destroyed world and this time traveled 30,000 years into the past. Once there, they rebuilt society for the third time. Elyndrel Village was born and became the central hub for the Elyndrians. Many new storylines evolved from this.

It was soon discovered that not only had the Elyndrians escaped into the past, but one of their biggest rivals also escaped into the past, Grey Fenrir, and the Dark Lord, Bahumura.

However, Grey and his allies had a 5,000-year head start on them. During this time Grey built up the Vegonians and corrupted them with Bahumura's evil magic. The Vegonians, Ardanians, and a subset of Gorgonians came together to form a powerful military. This group as a whole became known as the Black Empire.

The Neolarians (2006)

After the Elyndrians managed to escape certain death by avoiding the flux energy wave, they rebuilt society in a new world nearly 10,000 years in the future. Unfortunately for them, a band of beings who had also escaped at the same time returned to planet Solaris.

These beings were called the Neolarians. Some of the Westerners had escaped the flux by venturing into the ocean (the Aqualarians), but the others fled into space (the Neolarians).

The Neolarians returned and immediately took revenge on the Elyndrians, blaming them for the Second Flux event that had wiped out the world. A group of Elyndrians traveled to their mothership and strategically set off a bomb that brought down the entire thing. Unfortunately, the mothership was so massive when it crashed it destroyed the surface of the world.

The Second Flux (2003)

After gaining new knowledge from the future, three unknown beings triggered a cataclysmic event that changed the world forever. Using the "Elwen Grove" stones, the three figures triggered a "Flux" event. This caused a massive wave of energy to spread over the entire world and seemingly reset everything in the process.

To escape certain death, a band of Elyndrians along with a handful of other factions gathered inside the Arena of the Elite. Using the Arena's ability to collapse itself into a tiny one-inch cube the changeling known as Lumione collected everyone inside and took them to a special place known as the Void Realm.

When the Elyndrians returned from the Void Realm, they discovered they had inadvertently traveled thousands of years into the future!

The Guardians (2000)

After the threat of the future soldiers was dealt with, the story of the Guardians was developed further. The Guardian Temple was explored and it was discovered that a group known as the Ancients created them from enchanted stone tablets. The Ancients designed the Guardians to be protectors of the land many eons ago, but after the threat subsided the Guardians fell dormant without any real purpose.

The Elyndrians returned to the Guardian Temple and reawakened the remaining Guardians, giving them life once again. Garr Fengalon was awakened and he guided the other Guardians into the new world. Under his guidance, they flourished and found a new purpose. For a time, the Guardians helped protect the people of planet Solaris and peace was restored.

Future Crisis (1999)

After Vander disappeared and things calmed down, the action quickly resumed when a group of artificially intelligent super soldiers from an alternate future showed up in the present day. Several major player characters died during this time. Even the most powerful warriors struggled to fend off the fighters from the future world.

Eventually, another soldier from the future showed up. This soldier was Vincent, or Quad Zero. Vincent pulled everyone together, and enough warriors banded together to destroy the evildoers. Things settled back down, briefly. One of the benefits earned by this tragic ordeal was the new technology developed by the scientists of the Elyndrians after studying the future technology. The Mechanoids were developed by studying this technology.

Dark Vander Saga (1998)

A player character by the name of Vander Kosh stole the show during this era. Vander was a changeling from Zetha Prime who turned evil and became known as Dark Vander.

Many notable player characters died during this time either at the hands of Dark Vander or because of him. It was one of the most noteworthy player-driven stories we've ever had.

After it was all said and done, the player behind Vander vanished without a trace and never returned to Solaris. Some say the player behind the character died, others say he got himself in trouble and wound up in prison. Nobody knows what happened to him.

Knights of Solaris (1997)

During this era there was a heavy interest in knighthood. Many characters took up the mantle of knight (The Omni Knight, The Xeno Knight, The Rainbow Knight, etc, etc...).

There was a huge interest in player-versus-player combat. The Arena of the Elites was established during this time and was hugely popular with the player base of the era.

The Great War (1996)

The original story of Solaris RPG began all the way back in 1996. The in-game year was 6997 at that time. The story started directly after the end of The Great War. The setting mostly revolved around the lives of the player characters surviving in a futuristic city and a harsh world filled to the brim with danger.

There were mixed fantasy elements including magic, dragons, and sci-fi technology such as portals, energy barriers, hoverboards, and flying vehicles. The Sunfire Tavern was an incredibly popular hangout during this time. We used ICQ during this time for role-play purposes.

While this storyline was called "The Great War" it took place right at the end of the war as things were winding down. Many of the player characters during this time were fresh out of battle and trying to find some peace, peace that never came.