The Storyline

The following is a list of all storylines since the beginning of Solaris RPG. This section spans from 1996 all the way to the present.

The Great Wars (1996-1999)

The story of Solaris RPG began during the end of The Great Wars. Planet Solaris was often referred to as a wasteland. After the wars ended the planet was desolate. During the wars several factions collided in a series of epic battles. The wars finally ended with the mass genocide of a murderous race of beings known as the Vegonians. During this time there were a collection of knights that stole the main focus of the story. For many characters, this was a time of death and quick endings. The player base of the time was focused on player-versus-player combat. A group of Elders lingered in the shadows. The Elders influenced the world at the right times to maintain balance.

Future Crisis (1999-2001)

During this saga a group of murderous androids from an alternate future came back in time. The androids attacked the citizens of Solaris. The first four androids decimated the character base of the era. After a series of events occurred another pair of androids came back and saved the day. One of those androids was Vincent. Vincent stuck around throughout the years and helped the Elyndrians. After everything settled down things returned to normal for only a short while.

Dark Vander Saga (2001-2003)

This storyline began with a character named Vander. He turned evil and many player characters of the age. This was not an official storyline. It remains burned into the memories of the players who are still around from the era. The player behind "Dark Vander" wreaked havoc on Solaris and vanished without a trace. There were some official storylines after this saga. None compared to the lasting effect Dark Vander had on the game world at the time.

The Second Flux (2003-2006)

Like the original story of Solaris, The Second Flux storyline was a long one. This storyline triggered a series of events that destroyed the capital city of the era. It changed the layout of planet Solaris completely. Finally, it sent the character base approximately 10,000 years into the future. The Second Flux was a new beginning for the game. For a while it kept things rolling with many secondary storylines rolling along at the same time. It came to a head when an angry race of advanced Western Solarians returned to planet Solaris. This race had fled the planet during the beginning of The Second Flux. The group became known as the Neolarians. The Neolarians were powerful. They had returned only to eradicate their enemies... the Elyndrians.

Wrath of the Neolarions (2006-2008)

This sage almost finished off the storyline of The Second Flux. The Neolarians almost destroyed planet Solaris. The Elyndrians had no alternative other than to travel into the past. They left everything they knew in the apocalyptic future. The Elyndrians wound up traveling back in time approximately 30,000 years. This placed them in a time far before the Neolarians arrived. Far before The Second Flux ever occurred and before The Great Wars ever began. This was an unprecedented event. This storyline played an integral part in reshaping the entire game-world of Solaris.

The Undoing (2008-2010)

This brief storyline symbolized the reversal of everything. The Elyndrians traveled to a time before the original story of Solaris took place. Before the pre-story of the beginning! This was to give the current players the ability to influence a new future. It allowed the players to fill in some gaps along the way as well. The characters who traveled back in time are the Ancients they once heard stories of.

Age of the Ancients (2010-2012)

After The Undoing a new setting allowed much more freedom to the players. The world was a clean slate at this point. It was ready to become something new. Only the key figureheads in remained the same as everything else was an open book. It was up to the players to decide what happened... The next few storylines came about from the ideas of the players.

Rain of Chaos (2012-2014)

The mighty Pandemonium Fortress was completely destroyed in one gigantic explosion. The side effects of this explosion changed all of Planet Solaris over the following months. Chaos shards and fragments from the destroyed fortress were launched into the atmosphere and literally rained down across the face of the world for several weeks. Unlike typical chaos energy, however, these shards were corrupted with the evil energy of Bahumura and when animals and other lifeforms of Solaris touched the shards they became mutated and hell bent on killing anything in their path. All the citizens of Solaris lost some of their ability to control the forces of Solaris. The ability to fly using energy was lost, as well as the ability to teleport from one location to another, and finally, the corruption affected the way the inhabitants wielded their chosen energies. This was considered the worst by many force users as wielding the energies and elements of Solaris was key to their survival. This problem was remedied by the use of special artifacts however and many users enhanced their force wielding abilities with the use of the special items.

Rise of the Vegonians (2014-2015)

The Rain of Chaos passed, leaving Solaris changed forever. The shards had stopped falling from the skies and the havoc brought about by them had finally begun to subside. Things were different, though. The citizens of Solaris had to learn new ways of using the abilities they had once taken for granted. For a time the land had been quiet and somewhat peaceful, but a change was fast approaching. Elyndrel Village was the sanctuary for all the various citizens, and the atmosphere of Roshema Village was as temperamental as ever. Every day new discoveries were made, new areas found, and more new travelers from other dimensions arrived at random. Planet Solaris was itself again and things were good, for a time. The citizens of Elyndrel and Roshema were unaware that a war was brewing on the far side of the world. In the western regions of planet Solaris, there was a city of the most brutal and sadistic people, the Vegonians. The Vegonians were getting ready to take the world by storm and anyone in their path would fall.

The Vengeful Heart of Winter (2015-2016)

Shortly after the destruction of Elyndrel Village, the collapse of Grey Fenrir and his armies and the move to Elyndaar City, the Elyndrians were greeted with a bone-chilling wind from the distant southern reaches of the planet. This cold front was like none they had ever experienced before. It was unnatural and foreboding. Soon enough the land began to freeze over and even the tropical beaches of Xhan Tarn were left frozen. The creatures of the world fled to the north and those who couldn't escape quickly enough became frozen in their tracks, left as solid statues of ice as a magical wall of frost swept over them. Soon enough the Elyndrians uncovered the truth, however. The mystical dragonkin consort of Lord Kelthuron, Queen Vishera, had become corrupted and sought to freeze the entire world. Her mind had been bent and corrupted by Grey Fenrir and his master Lord Bahumura. Her power had been greatly amplified by this corruptive force and she grew more powerful with every passing day.

Age of Explorers (2016-2017)

The Age of the Explorers has birthed a new city, the Elyndaar. It is the new central hub and sanctuary for the Elyndrians and it is located in the central region of the great Osperian Forest. The city has become the home of many new explorers and citizens. The laws of Elyndaar City are heavily enforced by an army of mechanoids crafted by Solaris Central Laboratories. Planet Solaris has become a peaceful planet. The villainous race of Vegonians have been almost entirely defeated and their remaining numbers have been scattered into secluded regions across the planet. Queen Vishera has been subdued by the Thunderwing Brood. This new age is perfect for exploration and discovery now that the worst threats of the world have been suppressed, but there are still many more threats to subdue.

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