Thank you for your interest in Solaris RPG and welcome to a world of technology mixed with mythological fantasy and everything in between. I just want to introduce you to the basics of our in-game environment. I'm going to keep this section short and simple.

Our Homeworld

Planet Solaris is an enormous planet. It is nearly fifteen times the size of planet Earth. It has various regions that are all very unique and many of them are very dangerous. Planet Solaris is part of a binary star system and has a neighboring moon, planet Lunaris. It all exists in a realm called the Nomaverse.

The Beginning

Many millennia ago Planet Solaris was designed and created by a race of beings known as the Builders. The Builders utilized highly advanced technology bestowed upon them by their creators, Obel'jon and Noma'el, or simply Obel and Noma. These beings are two popular deities in the cultures and societies of planet Solaris.

After realizing the planet was unsuitable for life the leader of the Builders, Dakon, invented a device he called the Qua'lotus. His people launched the device into the upper atmosphere of planet Solaris where it detonated and released untold numbers of self-replicating nanomachines. These nanomachines were designed to latch onto all living and non-living things and improve upon them. Once a living being has them, they never lose them.

The Nanomachines

The introduction of the nanomachines was not without some side-effects, however. The nanomachines gave the inhabitants of planet Solaris incredible abilities and powers. After the first civilizations started taking off, the inhabitants of planet Solaris found they were able to do amazing things.

In many of those situations the inhabitants became superhuman. For example some inhabits gained the ability to fly while others learned the ability to control the various elements of the world. Some inhabitants have super-strength, while others have super-speed, and some may have all of the above. The possibilities are limitless.

Endless Potential

The nanomachines enabled countless possibilities and as the people of the world evolved the powers bestowed upon them put ideas in their heads. Factions formed over time and various societies began to clash. These factions utilized their unique special abilities to decimate one another in combat. The Builders vanished without a trace, and the wars between the worldly factions continued for thousands of years.

The Narrative

The various storylines of Solaris RPG have gone on for over twenty years. In the beginning we started at the end of the Great Wars storyline. Many things have occurred since then and now the focus of the game has shifted 30,000 years into the past! This sudden change of pace put our current storyline into a time period before the Great Wars were ever even thought of.

Our current storyline is where your new character comes into play. For the most part, the player characters are mostly part of a faction known as the Elyndrians. The dealings and endeavors of the Elyndrians are the main focus of the game.

The Antagonists

The primary antagonist of the current storyline are the Vegonians of Vegonaar City and the Ardanians of the Frozen Region to the distant south. Together this movement is called the Black Empire. The leadership of the Black Empire consists of General Balthazar, Queen Vishera, Grey Fenrir and their evil master, Lord Bahumura.

The Black Empire will stop at nothing to consume all resources of Planet Solaris and its neighboring worlds. They seek only to destroy and ravage the land in an endless quest for more power. Pretty standard for bad guys, eh?

The Choice

Your new character will find himself (or herself) smack-dab in the middle of everything! He (or she) will have to find a place in the world of Solaris. So go make some allies, make some enemies, and increase your experience level. Become superhuman, take down the Black Empire, and unlock the secrets of the Nomaverse in the process!

Join the Elyndrians

Or... You may choose to join up with the other side, The Black Empire! You could become a Vegonian, Ardanian, or one of a few other races friendly to the empire. Join the Black Empire in an attempt to take out the Elyndrians and join the dark side.

Join the Black Empire

The choice is all yours. There are no longer any special requirements for joining the Black Empire, so any player can side with the baddies if they want. The choice is yours!

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