This section covers the various types of notable technology. This technology ranges from being highly advanced or fairly primitive depending on the civilization wielding it.

Builder Gateways

Large arch-like structures that were created by the Builders and scattered throughout the cosmos. These structures can be found in almost every layer of reality, including the Afterplane and the Void Realm. Once activated these gateways are capable of generating a dimensional tunnel to new regions. So far there are more of these gateways than anyone could have ever imagined.

Builder Vessels

Enormous egg-shaped vessels created by the Primordial Gods. The Builders awoke one day to find themselves sitting in the pilot's seat provided with almost instinctual programming to go forth and seed the Nomaverse with life. These vessels are capable of creating planets, stars, and entire solar systems. Nobody understands how this technology works, but the Builder known as Dakon explained its purpose to the Elyndrians.

Ciedium Tech

Ciedium Tech is any technology based on a deep planet ore known as Ciedium. Ciedium-based technology is the most prominent and advanced technology on planet Solaris. Everything from the toughest gear to the most powerful energy sources is made from Ciedium ore. It can protect or destroy and it can be the most stable source of energy or the most volatile depending on who wields it. Ciedium is a jack-of-all-trades type of material and is found all over planet Solaris.

Genetic Remapping

Similar to Neural Remapping below, Genetic Remapping goes a step far beyond. Instead of simply reprogramming the brain to learn or replace a skill, Genetic Remapping rebuilds a being physical body entirely. Tired of being a Human? Visit your local laboratory to change your race today! Become who you were meant to be, a Beastkin, or maybe a Solarian.


It's a well-known fact that gunpowder from Earth Realm simply does not work on planet Solaris. This comes as quite a surprise to many humans from Earth Realm. The chemical reaction required to make gunpowder combust simply fizzles out in Solaris. On the other hand, firearms designed around ciedium technology work just fine! Throughout the ages, many Rifters from Earth Realm have chosen to modify their guns to utilize ciedium in one way or another.


In a future timeline of planet Solaris hoverboards were a popular choice for getting around quickly. These boards were often powered by a single Ciedium battery and made of lightweight material. Hoverboards came in all shapes and sizes and were used by many of the future citizens quickly get from one place to another. In the current timeline, these devices are very rare if ever seen at all.

Matter Compression Tech

Unlike most other technologies on this list, MCT is an ancient technology that has been around for untold ages. It is believed the Builders may have created it to store large objects in extremely small spaces. Imagine taking an entire house and compressing it into a tiny one-inch cube. Now, imagine reconstituting said house back into a house in a matter of seconds whenever you want. This technology has been used many times throughout the history of Solaris, particularly with the Arena in Elyndaar City during The Undoing.


Mechanoids are artificially intelligent robotic companions built by the various scientists of the planet Solaris. These metal constructs come in all shapes and sizes, usually ranging from absolutely tiny to completely enormous. Mechanoids can be designed to fit almost any purpose, from acting as a pet or companion to becoming a mount or vessel for one to ride.


Exactly what the name implies, these baseball-sized grenades pack a thermonuclear punch. These bombs are densely packed with a volatile form of Ciedium ore which is why they are often referred to as Ciedium Grenades. These are rare technology from a future timeline that now exists in extremely limited quantities. These things were once used to wipe out entire enemy strongholds. In the distant future, an elite squad of Elyndrians boarded a Neolarian mothership and took down the entire thing with just a single bomb.

Orkavian Giants

The origins of these colossal machines are shrouded in mystery. In a future timeline of planet Solaris, these mountain-sized sentient constructs were found hidden in various locations all over planet Solaris. At the time, many believed the Ancients built the Orkavian Giants. After an event known as The Undoing occurred, sending everyone back in time approximately 30,000 years, no one has been able to find a single trace of them. This has left some to speculate if these constructs were built sometime between the present and the future. The origin of the Orkavian Giants may never be known.

The Book of Solaris

The Book of Solaris, a mysterious tome of unknown origin, is said to possess magical or technological properties. Its creator remains a subject of debate, with attributions ranging from Dakon of the Builders to Obel'jon himself. The book's remarkable ability to absorb and store anything or anyone, its time-dilating pocket dimension, and its seemingly infinite knowledge have captivated many. However, its capricious nature and strict selection of worthy users make it an elusive artifact, with its current location shrouded in secrecy.

The Nanites

These tiny machines exist everywhere on planet Solaris and its neighboring worlds. Eons ago it is believed a race of beings known as the Builders detonated a device in the upper atmosphere of planet Solaris to release untold numbers of these tiny nanites into the world. This was done to force an advanced form of evolution upon every living creature, a process often referred to as Hyper Evolution by modern scientists of Solaris.

Neural Remapping

Ever wish you could learn a new skill in a matter of minutes? Change trades at the drop of a hat? With the patent-pending neural remapping technology provided by the laboratories of Solaris you can! This technology is capable of completely altering a person's skill set in a matter of minutes. Tired of being a Mage? No worries, become a Warrior! Sick of pounding iron in a forge? Drop Smithing and become an Enchanter! The sky is the limit folks.

Niyoka Cola

A strange name for an even stranger drink. These mysterious cocktails were made and sold by the laboratories in a future timeline. They gave the imbiber a permanent boost both mentally and physically, literally boosting a being's power level to varying degrees. It is said that when the Elyndrians escaped a cataclysmic event in the future by traveling to the past the recipe was lost for good.

Portal Generators

Characters will sometimes encounter portals that are capable of transporting them to different locations. These portals are usually technology-driven, but sometimes magical. Most portals are generated by special gateways that fill with swirling blue liquid-like energy. The user steps through one side and comes out elsewhere.

Quicksilver Tech

Created from yet another form of Ciedium, Quicksilver is another name for Liquid Cie, which was designed and created by the laboratories of Solaris. In most cases a gadget called a control module is either worn or implanted in the user. The control module is capable of releasing Quicksilver and taking various forms. It is capable of morphing into armor, shields, and even weapons. Once fully morphed, Quicksilver becomes harder than a solid diamond.

Void Storage

Often used in combination with Matter Compression Tech, mentioned above, Void Storage Tech is a modern take on the subject. While some objects are purely compressed with MCT, Void Storage Tech goes a step further a place objects within their pocket dimension. This protects living beings or delicate items during the act of matter compression.