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Trade Guide

This section covers the trade trades and their various purposes. Most of the trade trades are capable of having a shop and sellings goods or services as a means to earn a living.

The Blacksmith

Masters of molding raw metal ores into incredible weapons, armors, and shields. The Blacksmith of Solaris are experts at making all the melee weapons, armors, and shields that anyone would need during a battle. The Blacksmith sells metal weapons and armors. Occasionally, he may venture slightly off the path of metals, especially when it comes to items that are made of both metal and non-metal components.

The Crafter

Expert artisans who are capable of making the best clothing, light armors, jewelry, and even light weapons. Crafters are masters of guilding and tailoring along with many other things. A Crafter is very similar to a Blacksmith, although he will mostly stick with non-metal armor and armaments. It is very rare that he will delve into work the metal weapons and armor; if an item has metal and non-metal components, like a spear, it is likely that it is in the realm of the Blacksmith’s expertise.

The Enchanter

The Enchanter doesn’t provide goods, but rather services. The Enchanter will enhance items already currently owned by the character! Enhancements sold by the Enchanter are called enchantments and cover a wide variety of effects. Enchanters are capable of enchanting items, weapons, and armor with magical properties of limitless potential.

The Engineer

Engineers provide an essential service to all other classes. Engineers are capable of upgrading the essential equipment (armors, relics, and weapons) of all other classes to the next quality level. This is the only trade capable of improving the quality of essential equipment.

The Explorer

Adventurous folk who travel the world in an effort to fully map out every region. Explorers are responsible for discovering new areas and adding them to the maps used by other travelers throughout the land. Unlike most other trades, Explorers do not have a shop of their own. Instead, Explorers contribute to the development of the World Guide and earn gold for doing so.

The Salvager

These citizen!s own and operate shops that buy old and used custom unique items and then resell them. These citizens are vital in the role of reclaiming old items, weapons, and armors and putting them to good use in the hands of other citizens who might make use of them. These are shops ran by Salvagers that buy used unique items, weapons, and armors from player characters and resell them for a reasonable price. The salvage shops of Solaris make sure old items find a new home with new owners.

The Scientist

There are various types of Scientist. Some of them tinker with genetics while others tinker with technology. Scientists are experts at getting ancient technologies functioning again and also experts at making new types of technology from things that others bring them. The laboratories of Solaris have several fields of expertise.

The Sigilist

The Sigilist of planet Solaris specialize in creating magical inscriptions that work similar to enchantments. These inscriptions may be placed on a person or their equipment. There are many variations of inscriptions and the possibilities and purposes are potentially endless. Sigilist Shops are very rare and the technique is gradually fading out in modern times.