Planet Gorgonia

This section lists all the regions and areas of planet Gorgonia. New areas may be added to any region at any time through in-game exploration performed by player characters.

Discovered Regions

The Shadowlands - A region of perpetual darkness located very near the Icelands Region. This makes it a mostly frozen zone as well.

The Burninglands - An entire region filled with volcanic activity, rivers of lava, and creatures made up entirely of living flames.

The Frozenlands - Consumed almost entirely in perpetual winter, the Icelands are filled with frozen wonder and creatures made of living ice.

The Greenlands - One of the largest regions in all of Gorgonia, it is full of lush plantlife, forests, green plains, and wild animals of every size.

The Tempestlands - A region full of gusting winds and wind-elemental beings. The region is quite treacherous due to extreme heights and cliffs.

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