Planet Solaris

This section lists all the regions and areas of planet Solaris. New areas may be added to any region at any time through in-game exploration performed by player characters.

Elyndrian Regions

Osperian Region - The largest forested region in all of planet Solaris. There are many sub-areas located within the forest and it is mostly safe for all travelers.

Mountainous Region - The largest mountain range in all of planet Solaris. It still has yet to be explored fully and it is moderately safe for most travelers.

Xhan Tarn Region - The longest stretch of beach in all of planet Solaris. It is full of mysteries and a very dangerous place for most travelers.

Imperial Regions

Blasted Region - A vast and hostile region drained of life by the Vegonians. While it is safe for Imperials, Elyndrian travelers should keep their distance.

Frozen Region - A frigid wasteland located at the south pole of planet Solaris. It is home to few creatures, the Ardanians, and Queen Vishera.

Hinterlands Region - A mostly uncharted jungle region located in the northern hemisphere of planet Solaris. It was recently claimed by General Raynar.

Neutral Regions

Broken Region - A series of small islands in the Inner Ocean of planet Solaris. This region is full of mystery. Only the strongest travelers should come here.

Kazarial Region - The largest desert region in all of planet Solaris. Unlike the Blasted Region, it is full of life and home to some of the world's largest creatures.

Plains Region - A vast and mostly empty plains region located to the north of the Osperian Region. This is not a particularly dangerous region for travelers.

Skyhold Region - A secluded region located atop the highest mountain in the world. It is home to an elitist race of Avians who don't take well to outsiders.

Swamp Region - A vast and murky region, the Swamp Region is home to the Shadowgate which leads to the Afterplane. Sometimes spirits roam the swamps.

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