The World Atlas

This section lists all the regions and areas of planet Solaris (and beyond). Each region is listed in order of discovery and perhaps by level of difficulty when explored. The Osperian Region is to be considered as a low difficulty region while the lower down the list you go the more treacherous the regions become. New areas may be added to any region at any time through exploration performed by player characters.

Regions of Planet Solaris

Osperian Region - This is the largest forest in all of planet Solaris. There are many sub-areas located within the forest such as a major city, shops, a clearing, caves, and other mysteries. There are also many places that have yet to be discovered. The Osperian Region is mostly safe for travelers as the creatures here usually steer clear of them.

Plains Region - Located just to the northeast of the Osperian Forest is the Plains Region. This region is a massive field of tall weeds and grass that spans for many thousands of miles in every direction. The vastness of this region can seem overwhelming to travelers. Being so vast, many unprepared explorers get lost in the plains and never seem to find their way home.

Swamp Region - Just to the northeast of the Plains Region there resides a swamp like none other. The swamp is one of the largest focal points for the energies of the Afterplane to seep through the dimensional walls and into the physical realm. There are hazardous locations in the swamp, but for the most part, it's a reticent and murky place.

Xhan Tarn Region - Located to the distant south of the Osperian Forest, the Xhan Tarn region is a massive stretch of beach that runs along the northern border of the Outer Ocean. The beaches are very tranquil, complete with wind-blown dunes that can reach as high as two hundred feet. There are several dangers in this region, one of the biggest are the large man-eating plants that pull victims into the ocean from the beach.

Mountainous Region - This is the largest mountain range in the southern hemisphere of planet Solaris. It stretches nearly halfway across the planet. The mountains have plenty of high peaks and are snow-capped all year round in the upper altitudes.

Kazarial Region - This is a massive area of vast desert that has yet to be fully explored. The desert resides on the far side of planet Solaris, nearly opposite of Elyndaar City. It's incredibly hot, and many explorers cannot deal with its horde of predators and harsh conditions.

Broken Region - Near the center of the Outer Ocean there are a series of small land masses known as The Broken Isles. There are many islands here, with many secrets. One of its larger islands is now the home of the Solaris Central Laboratories.

Blasted Region - Located far beyond the Osperian Region to the east is a vast wasteland more desolate than the Kazarial Desert. It is home to several independent tribes Solarians and many Beastkin, though the undisputed masters of the region are the brutal Vegonians. Whatever sparse vegetation exists are similar to cacti and desert scrub brush. It is nearly the most isolated part of planet Solaris, surpassed only by the Frozen Region.

Frozen Region - Resting at the far southern end of the planet, across the Outer Ocean, there is a frigid wasteland that seems devoid of life at first glance. The tundra extends for thousands of miles over the southern pole of the planet. While this region appears dead, it is not and is surprisingly full of subterranean creatures and even some magic.

Hinterlands Region - The uncharted region of jungle and forest beyond the Swamp Region. This region is full of mysteries and dangers. The creatures that roam in this area are often much larger than their counterparts in other regions of the world. This region is home to the Nu'Lathian tree-city known as Ylelthaes. This city also happens to be a sanctuary for some of the mightiest Beastkin on planet Solaris.

Regions of the Afterplane

Twilight Region - Accessible only through death or the Shadowgate located in the Shadowood Forest in the Swamp Region, the Afterplane is the place all beings of Solaris go when they die. The Twilight Region is a surreal and shadowy clone of the physical realm, and often those who die don't even realize it. Time has no meaning in the Afterplane and beings from all timelines may be found in this place. A few passing moments in the physical realm could seem like a lifetime to someone wandering around in the Afterplane.

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