City of Ylelthaes

Ylelthaes is an enormous tree city that was documented by the Guardian Garr Fengalon during his adventures exploring the world. Ylelthaes is the name of the colossally proportioned tree itself and the city held within the tree. The city is full of thousands of inhabitants ranging from the Nu'Lath to various species of Beastkin. It is filled with magic and mystery and houses a large castle at the center of the city, home to Queen Yasmine. The city is hidden from the rest of the world by some powerful Nu'Lathian magic and if it were actually visible to the world it would stretch for thousands of feet in diameter and several thousand feet in height. This makes Ylelthaes one of the largest cities on the face of the planet. This city is home to many shops, an army of Nu'Lath and Nu'Lathian Titans and it is also the home city of the Beastkin. There are obviously Beastkin everywhere on Solaris, but this location is the largest gathering of them anywhere on the planet. (Notes: Documented by Garr Fengalon)

Balthazar's Fortress

Located along the outskirts of The Hinterlands Region this base of operations is the source of the Vegonian raids on the forested regions of the north. General Balthazar, one of Grey Fenrir's most powerful henchmen, resides here with an entire army of Vegonians at his disposal. The fortress is protected well with Vegonian sentries stationed around the outskirts of the base as well as along the upper walls. If an alarm is set off the entire fortress goes on heightened alert. The guards will drink a vial of mysterious liquid provided to them by Grey Fenrir, and will increase in physical size, strength, and endurance. Grey provided this concoction to his men when he lost the battle of Elyndrel Village. General Balthazar resides somewhere within the walls of this enormous black walled fortress. (Notes: Documented by Garr Fengalon, World Boss: General Balthazar)

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